Nomination Committee

A nomination committee is appointed each year by the largest shareholders in accordance with the instructions for the nomination committee adopted by the general meeting.
The nomination committee is responsible for preparing and presenting proposals for chairman of the board, board members, board remuneration (divided into chairman, members and committees), chairman of the general meeting, remuneration of auditors and election of auditors as well as proposals for instructions for the nomination committee

Once the nomination committee has been appointed, it will be published here.

The Nomination Committee shall consist of three members - a representative of each of the three largest shareholders as of the last banking day in September who wishes to appoint a member of the Nomination Committee. The three largest shareholders in this instruction refer to the owner-grouped registered shareholders or otherwise known shareholders as of the last banking day in September.

OptiCept Technologies valberedning inför årsstämman den 8 mars 2023, har tillsatts enligt beslut för valberedningens tillsättande från årsstämman 2022, vilket innebär att den har utsetts utifrån de tre största ägarna röstmässigt per den 30 september 2022.  

Valberedningen består av: 

  • Petr Dejmek, representerande sig själv med familj och 3B Tech & Med Science Handelsbolag 

  • James D Shelton representerande Railroad Ranch Capital Management 

  • Ola Möllerström representerande familjen Möllerström med närstående 

Aktieägare som önskar lämna förslag till OptiCept Technologies valberedning är välkomna att kontakta valberedningen.


OptiCept Technologies AB
Att: Valberedningen
Skiffervägen 12
SE-224 78, Lund

Towards a Sustainable World

Together we can contribute to a more sustainable world! Our vision is to make both the food and plant industries more sustainable, reduce emissions, decrease energy consumption, and reduce waste. At the same time, we aim to increase the profitability of our customers and create long-term value for our owners. 

The company is located in Lund and its stock is traded on Nasda First North Growth Market. Erik Penser Bank is Certified Adviser and can be reached at +46 8 463 80 00 or