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Approved patent in the EU

Press release 2020-04-15  

Approved patent in the EU

ArcAroma has received the positive news of an allowance of the EP patent application directed to a method involving filtration of a pumpable liquid flow and then PEF-treatment of a solid phase separated off, providing increased digestability, for subsequent biogas production. The next step for the EP application, with publication number EP3066055, is to formally respond to the allowance. Thereafter, when the grant is obtained, the EP patent will be validated into the European countries of commercial interest for this industrial application.  

– I am very pleased that we now receive an EU patent for PEF-treatment with CEPT® in biogas production. We see a large market for separation and PEF-treatment of sludge in Europe. Germany, France and the United Kingdom alone have more than 200 million inhabitants and thus there is basically a great need to manage biological waste in an energy efficient and profitable way. CEPT® can make a big difference, says Johan Möllerström, CEO at ArcAroma.

ArcAroma’s patent attorney, AWA, has announced that the EU has preliminary approved a patent application for treatment with CEPT® in biogas production. The patent protects the features of the combination treatment that has been successfully used for the treatment of primarily wastewater. By adding a substance to the water flow, biological material can easily be filtered out and thus the dry substance can be increased prior to treatment with CEPT®. In this way, the CEPT® treatment can be focused on the fraction in the flow with the highest content of digestable biological particles. The result is an even higher energy efficiency as the treatment is focused on the digested solid fraction, which also increases the output of biogas.

The new patent represents another important milestone in ArcAroma’s patent strategy. ArcAroma also has broad patents that describe the adoption of the technology in the process industry together with the central solutions that have enabled the development of an extremely energy efficient CEPT® generator. These patents are gradually supplemented by narrower applications that focus on important central components or methods. ArcAroma has a strategy to apply for patents in countries where there is a market, competitors or potential partners.

For more information, please contact:

Johan Möllerström, CEO

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Arc Aroma Pure has developed a way to control electrical pulses that provide a high energy yield. The CEPT® platform, which is a generator, uses the technology of biogas, sewage treatment and extraction. The platform uses short-term high-voltage pulses that blow the cell membrane and kill unwanted microorganisms. Efficiency of biogas production and the introduction of new raw materials that can´t be used today are in focus. Water, ballast water and liquid foods are examples of other CEPT® applications. Founded in 2008, the company is based in Lund, with offices in Shanghai, and has received various awards and support from, among others, Vinnova and the Swedish Energy Agency. Arc Aroma Pure’s shares are listed on NASDAQ First North Premier Growth Market. Erik Penser Bank is Certified Adviser and is available at 08-463 80 00. www.arcaroma.com.

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